Garage Door Repair & Service in Chicagoland Area


How do you quiet down the Garage Door?

How do you quiet down the Garage Door? How often do you have to check your garage door? Or do you really have to think about the condition of your garage doors at all? Quieting down a noisy garage door can significantly improve your living environment and reduce disruptions. Here are several effective methods to achieve […]

What Garage Door Should I never purchase?

Everyone has different needs but if you would like a garage door that will serve you well, I recommend a 2″ thick door with steel on the front and back. Generally they will have a polystyrene or polyurethane core for insulation and strength. I would advise heavier hardware like 14 gauge hinges and steel or […]

Which famous door can not be opened from the outside?

Which famous door can not be opened from the outside? The question of which famous garage door cannot be opened from the outside sparks curiosity and invites us to explore the realm of unique and innovative security measures. While numerous garage doors boast advanced locking mechanisms, one particular standout in this category is the Rolling […]

Why do we need garage door services?

Very few people think about garage door maintenance when they think about homeownership. Instead, they think of things, such as roofs and foundations, but your garage is something that you’re going to use every day. It’s an exterior barrier to your home and it’s entrusted with the safety of your vehicle every day and night. […]

When should you replace a Garage Door with a new one?

When should you replace your garage door? They should not be replaced for no reason. Many of the older doors are even better than the new doors. Made with thicker metal and more robust. Many of these new doors are so fragile they make more noise than imaginable. Maybe a better question would be when […]

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