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When should you replace your garage door? They should not be replaced for no reason. Many of the older doors are even better than the new doors. Made with thicker metal and more robust. Many of these new doors are so fragile they make more noise than imaginable. Maybe a better question would be when do you want to paint your garage door and replace the weather stripping? Some of the acrylic paint jobs are fantastic and will make your garage door very sharp.

You might want to replace the door if it is damaged. Or to upgrade to an insulated door. Outside of that, you are wasting money.

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Replace Your Old Garage Doors

Now the opener you might want to upgrade. Old Genie screw drives with the clutch in the back could be very quiet and last for decades. Sometime in the late 90s openers became very cheap and noisy. So if you have a chain drive or screw drive built in the last 20 years a new DC belt-driven opener would be a big noticeable improvement. I recommend Linear LDCO800. Quiet and lasts forever with an emphasis on ease of use. No goofy electronics waiting to fail.

Beware of fancy “carriage house doors” that cost considerably more. They will likely look like a dated fad and have to be replaced in a few years. Same thing with the openers. Don’t go for anything but the basics. Lord knows they can’t even get the basic electronics to be reliable much less the fancy gimmicky stuff.

Perhaps when you accidentally crash into it at night after a few too many! If the horizontal folding door frames are damaged or sufficiently ugly, its time.

Otherwise, a garage door firm is able to fix or repair almost anything else.

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