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The Biggest Difference between the two types of doors are listed below:

  1. Height and Width
  2. value
  3. Appearance
  4. Material

Lets Discuss them in detail.

  1. Height and Width: one of the major differences between residential and commercial doors is their height and width. Residential garage doors tend to be of the average height of 7 feet whereas the height and width of commercial garage doors depend on its applications. commercial buildings use heavy machinery preferably the width of their doors is also broad as compare to residential garage doors.
  2. value: As Commercial garage door costs more and designed with more security so, their cost value is high in comparison to the residential garage door. The cost of its installation and repairing is more this is the reason commercial doors never used in place of residential doors.
  3. Appearance: One of the most important differences between commercial and residential garage doors is that residential doors tend to be more focused on looks than commercial doors. this is often because many householders tend to require a garage door that’s aesthetically pleasing, whereas commercial or industrial building owners are more focused on function.
  4. Material: commercial doors are primarily only made from aluminum or galvanized steel. this is often because both materials are extremely durable and offer the safety and longevity that commercial business owners are checking out during a garage door. Homeowners can buy a garage door in several materials—wood, steel, fiberglass, etc. The deciding factor on what sort of material goes to be best will depend upon the homeowner’s personal preference and budget. Wood doors offer better curb appeal, while steel doors are long-lasting.

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