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Springs play an important role within the function of a garage door. Springs work by counteracting the force of gravity. In essence, they offset the load of the door and make it “lighter” when opening or closing it, whether the door is operated manually or via electric power. There are two sorts of garage door spring systems: extension and torsion.


Unlike extension springs that operate via stretching, torsion springs believe torque to supply movement. for instance, when closing the door, the cables attached to rock bottom corners finish up and generate stored energy. Opening the door unwinds the springs and releases the energy required to make the lifting motion. While a torsion spring system usually costs quite an extension system, it’s more common due to its greater safety and longevity

An extension system consists of springs attached to cables at rock bottom corners of the garage door. When opening the door, the springs extend and cause the stored energy within them to boost the door. The greater the force applied by hand or motor, the more the spring expands. The cables function a security measure by preventing the springs from flying off and possibly causing an injury. Extension springs are less costly than torsion springs, although they need more moving parts that would break and typically have a shorter lifespan.

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