Garage Door Repair & Service in Chicagoland Area


You may have not lubricated your spring long or not even for once in a lifetime. That noise is the metal on the springs sticking together. This causes unnecessary wear on your motor and door, sometimes even causing the door system to jerk violently.  

Most springs are made out of an oil-soaked metal. Without lubricants, the springs dry out which causing failure and breakage much, much sooner. Lubrication on your springs will help your door and operator run more smoothly and last longer.

It would vary according to use, climate, and whether you keep it lubricated at least once a year with W-D 40 or any type of garage door lubricant. Any mechanical device will have a lifespan, usually measured in cycles. Garage door springs are one of those devices taken for granted until…. they break.

Don’t lubricate the tracks, but ensuring they’re clean is essential to ensure your door’s functioning. Spray your garage torsion springs that lift your garage door day in and day out. Again, you want to only lubricate them so that they move better, without a lot of extra lubricant dripping out.

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