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How Secure is Your Garage Door?

Every homeowner worries about home security. It doesn’t matter whether you lived during a gated community or on a rural farm – whether your house is safe and secure is at the front of your mind. Yet, there’s one area of your house which may not immediately come to mind once you believe home security. And that’s your garage. Whether it’s attention on garage door security, internal garage security, or maybe homeowner behavior – if your garage isn’t secure, your home isn’t secure.

Fortunately, there are tried and true ways homeowners can increase their garage door security. Not only does garage door security provide peace of mind once you are away, but it allows you to relax reception. the very fact is this: you would like to guard your home from intruders coming in through the garage.

How to Elevate Your Garage Door Security
You do not need to invest during a complicated security system to properly secure your garage. specialise in simple, inexpensive steps first before you create any big investments. for instance , does one have windows in your garage door? While they will certainly enliven the design of your garage and let in natural light, they also function a portal for thieves to see into. Perhaps you ought to consider adding a layer of privacy film to your garage windows.

Beyond products, you ought to also specialise in behavior. this might sound simplistic, but how often does one accidentally leave your garage open? Okay, maybe you don’t always leave it open, but how often does one leave your garage door opener clipped to your visor? You never know once you might leave your car parked within the driveway or street and every one a burglar must do is break in and grab that garage door opener. Next thing you recognize , they’re in your house. the simplest thanks to avoid this is often to form a habit out of keeping your garage door remote in your purse, pants, coat, or simply about anywhere aside from openly visible in your car.

Here is another common oversight that would mean bad news for your home if a burglar visits: The door between your garage and house. Far too often homeowners are lax about locking the door between garage and residential . The problem? If a burglar gains access to your garage, there’s nothing stopping them from entering your home. Consider a steel deadbolt additionally to plain security measures.

Secure Your Garage with Technology
We sleep in the 21st Century. There really is not any reason, during this day and age, to not use technology to your advantage. When it involves keeping your garage secure, there’s an app for that! Smart garage door openers usually hook up with apps you’ll hook up with your phone. you’ll open, close, and monitor your garage all from the palm of your hand. If someone opens your garage door, you’ll receive an alert. This Genie StealthDrive Connect has every bell and whistle you’ll ask for!

You can also install WiFi-connected garage door monitors. These are standalone devices that send alerts to your phone when the garage door is opened or closed. These devices are small, inconspicuous, and straightforward to put in . you’ll attach them to the garage door frame and sync them up together with your Apple or Android smartphone via a proprietary app. As soon because the garage door is opened, you’re notified.

Of course, we’ve been talking about interior garage door security, but how about the exterior? Motion-detecting floodlights go an extended thanks to increasing the extent of deterrence around your home. Thieves love operating within the dark, so sudden bursts of sunshine are often all you would like to send them scattering. Many common motion-sensing floodlights can detect movement up to 25 feet away. This could be exactly what you would like to send the bag guys running.

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