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How Often Should A Garage Door Be Maintained?

Is your garage door in good operating order? If it isn’t, it’s probably time to get the help of a specialist. Many homeowners are unsure how often their garage doors need to be serviced.

Once a year, or whenever problems emerge, garage doors should be serviced. Checking the garage door, testing the garage door opener, adjusting hardware, cleaning tracks, and lubricating rollers, springs, and pulleys are all part of garage door maintenance. Maintaining your garage door on a regular basis allows you to get the most out of it.

Signs to Be Aware Of

The following are some common indications that signal a problem with your garage door that necessitates at the very least a repair (and possibly a complete replacement):

  • No-opening or no-closing door (or only does so halfway)
  • When opening or closing a door, it makes an unusual amount of noise.
  • The door does not open, even when the motor is running.
  • A door that can be manually opened, without the use of a remote control opener or a keypad.
  • A door with shattered glass

How to Care for Garage Doors on Your Own

You should take care of your system and maintain it in the best possible way.

  • Check the alignment of your garage door: 

Unplug the opener and manually raise and lower the door. If it’s truly difficult, you might have a problem with door alignment.

  • Examine the “eye’s” functionality: 

The garage door eye signals your opener, when it’s safe to open or close the garage door. Close the garage door with the garage door opener and set a broom in front of one of the eyes. The eye is alright if the door stops, but if it doesn’t, you should get help quickly because it is a safety problem.

  • Clean the debris: 

Maintain a clean garage floor and debris-free door tracks.

Schedule a Professional Check-Up

Regular inspections are an important part of garage door upkeep. Because there are so many moving elements, you might not be able to diagnose certain problems.

A professional service specialist can detect issues with your garage door springs and other garage door components that you might overlook. They can detect problems before they occur thanks to their trained eye and mechanical knowledge. While you can service your garage at any time of year, it’s better to do so in the fall before the weather becomes chilly.

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