Too many people depend on the internet these days for customers. It is easier to sit at your computer and let them come to you. I built my business the hard way.

I went with them. If you want commercial customers, find out in advance who the decision-makers are, then make an appointment to see them. Give them your pitch and make yourself a real person to them. People like doing business with people they have actually met. So do your research. Who would you like to have in your client database?

Then get to work. Show the. Why you should be their first choice. That you care enough to come to them ,not just wait for a call. You may just pick up immediate business while you are there. Then the word will spread and you business will grow.

These methods are effective and just because the I ternet has become the wave of the future doesn’t replace the need for human to human contact. Try it, it works. You just have to be willing to get out of that office and pound the pavement.

I used the following steps in prospecting clients

  1. call the company and ask who is the head of the department you do business with.
  2. Send them an introductory letter using their name in the content. Keep it brief and try not to make it look like a computer generated mass produced letter. Make it personal enough toget their attention.
  3. Then call 4 days later. By then they have received it and it is still probably in their basket so whe. You call don’t be surprised if they tell you they were just reading it.
  4. Don’t use this as a sales opportunity, just use it to make an appointment and explain the need for persons to person contact when doing business with someone.
  5. Dress professionally when you visit them. I always wore a jacket and tie. I was prepared with some printed literature of my company and handed it to them as it was appropriate in the conversation.
  6. After you leave ask if would be alright to follow up in a few days and make sure you get their email address.
  7. Wait a few days and then call back complimenting them on your meeting. Then ask if they have any immediate needs you can address for them or give them a quote for.
  8. If you don’t get an immediate approval and they have no immediate need, call them Avery few months just to say in touch
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